[council] Draft Agenda for Council meeting - Thursday 7 June 2007

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Wed May 30 22:36:18 UTC 2007

Hello Mawaki,

> Do you have anything specific in mind? what and where are the
> provisions to ensure such flexibility? I think it is important
> to know concretely how this can be handled, should the need
> arise.

I was referring to the PDP process.  A PDP can be used at any time to
update an existing policy.

I had envisaged a process (which certainly should be clarified in the
report) that involves a fast track review process after the first round
(preferably against a clear set of measurable parameters), and then the
Council could decide to initiate a PDP process (again hopefully of a
duration of say 90 days) to make any policy adjustments needed, or the
staff could simply improve the implementation of the existing policy.
I recall some discussion of this in Marina Del Ray where we talked about
the need to have some measures of success and set out a clear review

We did actually build in such a review process for the transfers policy
- but this has been a bit resource constrained (probably mostly from the
volunteer side) and has not yet concluded.

Bruce Tonkin

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