[council] GNSO Chair election results

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu May 31 13:59:08 UTC 2007



I am not so sure about a revival.  I think we are already a pretty  
lively group.  But I do hope that we continue making progress both in  
our policy development efforts and in our abilities at reaching  
consensus or at least super-majorities as often as we possibly can.   
And, if I can help in those processes and in the general area of  
working together nicely, I will be happy.

thanks again,


On 31 maj 2007, at 09.22, Mawaki Chango wrote:

> I wholeheartedly concur with Philip. Congratulations, Avri! I
> wish you every success, and have no doubt your imprint will
> bring about some sort of revival to the whole GNSO and in the
> ICANN policies!
> Mawaki
> --- Philip Sheppard <philip.sheppard at aim.be> wrote:
>> Best news I've had all year.
>> Congratulations Avri.
>> You have my support in this challenging role.
>> Philip

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