[council] Whois PDP Vote - by-law requirements

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Fri Nov 2 04:11:11 UTC 2007


At today's meeting we discussed the following by-law requirement:

> The Staff Manager will be present at the final meeting of the  
> Council, and will have five (5) calendar days after the meeting to  
> incorporate the views of the Council into a report to be submitted  
> to the Board (the "Board Report"). The Board Report must contain at  
> least the following:
>     a. A clear statement of any Supermajority Vote recommendation  
> of the Council;
>     b. If a Supermajority Vote was not reached, a clear statement  
> of all positions held by Council members. Each statement should  
> clearly indicate (i) the reasons underlying each position and (ii)  
> the constituency(ies) that held the position;

In order to complete this report within 5 days, Liz needs for all  
council members to get statements in to her by Monday morning Start  
of Business UTC.

As was discussed in today's meeting, joint statements by several  
council members are fine.

Note: we have a changeover of council members this weekend.  I think  
the requirement only applies to council members who were members at  
the time of the vote, even if they are no longer council members.   
Additionally, however, i don't think there is a necessary prohibition  
against including a statement by a new council member, but if one  
does, i think this fact should be flagged.


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