[council] Fwd: Letter on behalf of Hagen Hultzsch re job description for open GNSO Council position in 2008

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Let me take a crack at getting the discussion started.
First of all, in my opinion it would seem to be helpful to differentiate
between baseline job criteria that would apply to all candidates and
variable criteria that would be based on near term needs of the Council.
Here are some of my initial ideas in this regard that hopefully clarify
what I am suggesting.
Baseline Criteria
These criteria should include basic skill sets and minimal knowledge
that facilitate discussion of GNSO issues without the need to educate
individual Councilors before effective discussion can happen.  Some are
a  couple of examples:

	Basic understanding of the DNS - We do not need technical DNS
experts, but a minimal understanding of the DNS is needed to effectively
function on the Council.
	Demonstrated experience working effectively in collaborative
environments involving diverse interests.

Variable Criteria
These criteria should primarily focus on skill sets and areas of
expertise that may be missing on the Council in the next few years.
They could vary each year depending on the projected makeup of the
Council.  Forgive me for using names but I think that two people
illustrate this need best, one just-departed Councilor and one current
Councilor: 1) Cary Karp played an essential role during the last few
years in providing IDN expertise; 2) Jon Bing's expertise in the
intergovernmental arena provided clarity that was very useful.  In both
cases, we would have probably had to seek outside expertise if they were
not on the Council.  Here are some possible areas for future needs:

	Intergovernmental expertise (especially if Jon is not
re-nominated by the NomCom)
	IDN expertise
	Understanding of the special needs of financial services
businesses; this could possibly come from the BC, but it is not always
possible for constituencies to elect Councilors from all key areas they

Ideally it would be nice to get candidates that meet all of the variable
criteria but that seems impossible considering the diverse needs even in
the short list I provided.  So it would be important to communicate to
the NomCom that candidates meeting any subset of the variable criteria
would be welcome.
Areas of special expertise that seem to be well covered now and
predictably in the next few years include: registry and registrar
operations; intellectual property; legal; civil society; e-commerce
businesses; developing economies; etc.
Chuck Gomes
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	Another thing we need to put on our agenda for the next meeting.

	Perhaps we can discuss this on the list over he next week. I can
then synthesise the comments into a draft we then discuss on the 20th.


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		Subject: RE: Letter on behalf of Hagen Hultzsch re job
description for open GNSO Council position in 2008


		Dear Avri,


		On behalf of Hagen Hultzsch, I am sending you a draft
"job description" for the GNSO Council position to be selected by the
2008 ICANN Nominating Committee. The Nom Com intends to use job
descriptions for the open positions (ALAC, Board, ccNSO Council, GNSO
Council) during the selection process for 2008. It is my understanding
that Hagen has already advised you that this draft document would be
sent following the LA meeting.


		Please let Hagen or myself know if you have any
questions. In order to assist the Nom Com, could you provide feedback or
confirmation in two weeks (by 21 November 2007)?


		Thanks for you assistance.


		Best regards,




		GNSO Council

		Position: GNSO Council

		Number of Seats: 1
		Start of Term: Conclusion of Annual Meeting 2008 
		End of Term: Conclusion of Annual Meeting 2010

		The Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) is a
policy-development body responsible for developing and recommending to
the ICANN Board substantive policies relating to generic top-level
domains. The GNSO consists of various Constituencies representing
defined groups of stakeholders and a GNSO Council, responsible for
managing the policy development and administrative processes of the
GNSO. The GNSO Constituencies choose the majority of the Council
members; Nominating Committee chooses three Council members with
staggered terms. The GNSO also includes a liaison from the ALAC and the
Governmental Advisory Committee. Liaison activities from the ASO and
ccNSO are under development.

		GNSO Council Members receive no compensation for their
services as GNSO Council Members. ICANN provides administrative and
operational support necessary for the GNSO to carry out its
responsibilities through the GNSO Secretariat. Most recently ICANN also
provides staff support for policy development. As stated in the ICANN
Bylaws, such support shall not include an obligation for ICANN to fund
travel expenses incurred by GNSO participants for travel to any meeting
of the GNSO or for any other purpose. However, ICANN has customarily
furnished travel expenses for Nominating Committee appointed Council
members to ICANN meetings. This custom is planned to continue, but is
subject to the Bylaw statement. [Bylaws Article X, Section 4, see
<http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#X-4> ]

		Nominating Committee will use the Criteria for Selection
of ICANN Directors (see above) in choosing Selected Nominees for the
GNSO Council. GNSO Council members are expected to support the ICANN
mission and the implementation of ICANN's Core Values.

		Nominating Committee will also take into account the
following eligibility factors and additional considerations.

		GNSO Council Eligibility Factors

		1.	No person who serves on the Nominating Committee
in any capacity is eligible for selection by any means to any position
on the Board or any other ICANN body having one or more membership
positions that the Nominating Committee is responsible for filling,
until the conclusion of an ICANN annual meeting that coincides with, or
is after, the conclusion of that person's service on the Nominating
Committee. [Bylaws, Article VII, Section 8,
<http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#VII-8> ] 
		2.	No more than one officer, director, or employee
of any particular corporation or other organization (including its
subsidiaries and affiliates) shall serve on the GNSO Council at any
given time. [Bylaws, Article X, Section 3(5),
<http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm#X-3.5> ]

		Additional Considerations

		For the GNSO Council position, specific experience
related to the scope of the GNSO's work with the Domain Name System
would be advantageous.

		The current composition of the GNSO Council is available
here http://gnso.icann.org/council/members.shtml

		The Bylaws do not state a limit on the number of terms
GNSO Council members may serve, although it is possible that term
limites may be considered in future.

		Time Commitment

		The basic responsibilities of a GNSO Council member
would spend at least 20 hours per month on Council related activities,
with those chairing or participating in committees or task forces
spending at up to 60 hours a month. Task force members and councilors
are not compensated for either time or teleconference costs.

		Additional GNSO criteria:


		During the Nom Com meeting with GNSO Council at the
ICANN meeting in Lisbon, the Council provided the following outline of
qualities the NomCom should consider in GNSO candidates:



		* ability to chair a multi-stakeholder group to reach

		* basic of knowledge of DNS systems and industry
structure - registries, registrars

		* individual expertise that is not otherwise available
on the Council


		Possible expertise of interest to the GNSO:

		- setting up of dispute and objection processes

		- enforcement

		- application software development - e.g multi-lingual

		- online consensus building technologies - wiki's etc

		- competition law and economists capable of market

		- statistics and survey analysis

		- project management and document control processes


		(March 29, Lisbon

<http://gnso.icann.org/mailing-lists/archives/council/msg03352.html> >)


		The Nom Com had some discussion about what "basic of
knowledge of DNS" meant and it was something along the lines of "do you
know what happens in the DNS when you send an email, or access a
webpage".  This is not a precise technical description, but an
understanding of concepts of resolution.


		Patrick L. Jones

		Registry Liaison Manager &

		Coordinator, ICANN Nominating Committee

		Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

		4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330

		Marina del Rey, CA 90292

		Tel: +1 310 301 3861

		Fax: +1 310 823 8649

		patrick.jones at icann.org <mailto:patrick.jones at icann.org>


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