[council] : Letter on behalf of Hagen Hultzsch re job description for open GNSO Council position in 2008

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Thu Nov 8 15:52:57 UTC 2007

Thanks for adding to the discussion Philip.  Note that I inserted a few
questions below.
Chuck Gomes
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description for open GNSO Council position in 2008
	Other areas of expertise that would be of benefit are:
	Competition law 
	Anti-trust law
	[Gomes, Chuck] Why would competition law and anti-trust law be
general areas of expertise needed by the Council?  They seem to me to be
very specialized areas where it would be more efficient for us to rely
on outside experts and assistance from the ICANN General Council's
	Public interest 
	[Gomes, Chuck] I would like to think that the public interest is
pretty well represented on the Council already via the various
constituency and NomCom reps.  Maybe I am not clear on how you define
public interest.  Certainly there has long been discussion about
registrant and user interests and possibly the GNSO Improvements
recommendations, if implemented, may address some of these concerns and
may even eventually provide a means for representation in the GNSO.  A
key question I have is this: how could 'public interests' be effectively
represented via a NomCom rep on the Council?  More specifically, what
qualifications would we give to the NomCom for such a person?  I am
supportive of the concept of public interest; I just have never seen an
effective way to do that in the GNSO.
	Consumer rights
	[Gomes, Chuck] Are you suggesting that ICANN and more
specifically the GNSO should get involved in consumer rights protection?


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