[council] Draft reply Council on GNSO reform

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Wed Nov 28 14:51:16 UTC 2007

Excellent job Philip. Thanks.

I am very comfortable supporting this version.

I suggest that if there are any objections to any substantive items in
the document, they need to be communicated NLT COB on Thursday, 29
November.  If none are received, Glen should go ahead and post our
comments on Friday, 30 November.  If there are any substantive
objections to any items, then I think we have no other choice but to
delete those items.  Minor edits (spelling, grammar, etc.) should be
okay if there are any.

Chuck Gomes
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> Thank for the dialogue on our statement.
> I tend to agree with Chuck in that WGs are such a key part of 
> the BGC proposals that it will look very odd (and unhelpful 
> for the Board) if we say nothing.
> I believe the problem may be that I constructed our reply to 
> be REACTIVE  to the BGC wording.
> What I think we have all been saying is more refined than the 
> BGC text.
> So I suggest a simple PROACTIVE statement of what we want 
> (and a removal of the relevant part of the table under item 3 
> on working groups).
> See attached.
> I have also changed to "comment" the title that was 
> previously "partial support" above the comments we made.
> I hope we can all agee to this latest version. I have done my 
> very best to use the most neutral language and capture the 
> minimal level of unanimity we have on Council.
> If there is support, Glen please submit. I will be out of the 
> office for the rest of the day / week.
> Philip

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