[council] Re: [gnso-dt-wg] FW: Summary of public comments on a draft GNSO Council resolution to curb domain tasting

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Apr 2 13:01:17 UTC 2008


I am wondering whether the DT is going to go through all the comments  
and include an initial response to them in their report to the council  
or whether the council itself  will approach then raw at the council  
meeting.  I am fine either way, though I think having the DT do the  
first pass a responding to all comments will facilitate the work and  
give a better perspective.

I want to make sure that in our deliberations we cover all of the  
possibilities and issues mentioned in the public comments, including  
those that are not direct comments on the motion before the council or  
the proposals before the Registry Services Evaluation Process.  I.e.  
we should discuss not only modification to the AGP but must make sure  
we cover in our discussions the proposal to eliminate the AGP.  We  
also need to make sure we understand the implications of the current  
motion on the proposal before the  Registry Services Evaluation  
Process and the Board resolution (2008.01.04) to investigate using  
ICANN's budgetary process to control DT through the introduction of  
fees .



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