[council] Agenda for New gTLD face to face meeting on 10-11 April 2008

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Fri Apr 4 13:13:45 UTC 2008

Thanks Glen.

This is an extremely full agenda for one day.  Assuming there are no recommendations for which there are serious implementation challenges, it might be fine.  But I seriously suspect that is not the case.  As we all though, there are 3 or 4 recommendations that may present some difficulties in terms of implementing them in an objective manner.  If any of those require significant changes, then I believe that considerable time may be needed to discuss them.  Not knowing the latest status of implementation plans, it is not possible for me to know whether the time is sufficient or not, but I think it would be very unfortunate if we did not have sufficient time to discuss the more challenging recommendations.

Clearly, the recommendations under Term of Reference II (Selection Criteria) will require the most time and, in fact, more time is allocated for them, but it still may not be sufficient.  Here are a couple of ideas for gaining more time for ToR II:

	- Start the meeting at 8 am.
	- Provide written information about the morning agenda items in advance of the meeting and simply provide a very brief overview and allow for questions and answers and discussion on those items that participants identify.  It seems to me that very few of these present anywhere near the implementation challenges of the some of those in the afternoon part of the agenda, so they could more easily be handled without an in-person session.  This would possibly allow for combining all three ToRs into one or at most two sessions.

These two ideas are not mutually exclusive and I am sure there are others ways we could maximize the time spent on the most challenging recommendations.


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Dear Councilors,

The face to face meetings in Los Angeles will take place at the LAX Hilton Hotel in the Carmel room, the same place that the GNSO had for its working sessions during 2007 ICANN meetings in Los Angeles. There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel.

Remote participation on Friday, 11 April 2008 will be available, and details will follow.

Please contact me off the list for travel and hotel arrangements if you have not already done so.

Thank you.
Kind regards

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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