[council] RyC Confusingly Similar Statement

Mike Rodenbaugh mxrodenbaugh at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 16:34:56 UTC 2008

This is a useful paper, thanks to the RyC.


I note one factual inaccuracy wrt to UDRP proceedings.  Under the current
UDRP, a trademark owner (XYZ) can bring one complaint against domains in
several TLDs (xyz.net, xyz.com) if they are registered to the same
registrant.  If xyz.munchen and xyz.munich were registered to different
registrants, the trademark owner would need to file two complaints
regardless whether there are one or two registry operators for those TLDs.


I suggest the RyC may want to amend that section of the paper so as not to
rely on a faulty premise.



Mike Rodenbaugh


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Here's a statement developed by the RyC regarding New gTLD Recommendation 2,
hopefully providing some new thoughts in that regard.



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