[council] Fast Flux Report - questions

Rosette, Kristina krosette at cov.com
Thu Apr 17 14:00:03 UTC 2008


Here are some initial questions/requests about the report.  I will
forward additional questions soon.

Page 1:  The report states that staff "consulted other appropriate and
relevant sources of information".  In the interest of transparency, I
would appreciate having those sources be identified.   As a general
note, it may be helpful to all readers of the report if the issues
reports included a bibliography or sources consulted section.

Pages 6, 14:  One interpretation of the reference to "domains in ccTLDs
are targeted as well" is that there is no "lasting value" to developing
gTLD policy regarding any issue that occurs in both gTLDs and ccTLDs.
Is this interpretation intended?

Pages 6, 14:  Similarly, one interpretation of the reference to "static
rules through a policy development process might be quickly undermined
by intrepid cybercriminals" is that there can be "no lasting value" to
developing gTLD policy regarding any issue that results from or is
associated with cybercriminals because they move more quickly than the
PDP and, as interpreted by one IPC member, "are smarter than we are".
Is this interpretation intended?

Page 8:  For how long and on what scale has proxy redirection been used
to maintain high availability and spread the network load?

Page 9:  Did more than one person describe evasion of "black holing"
"anecdotally as a possible 'legitimate use'" of fast flux?  Any evidence
or research to suggest that it actually happens?  

Page 10:  How likely is that fast flux hosting "could be significantly
curtailed by changes in the way in which DNS registries and registrars
currently operate"?

Page 11:  Is it technically possible now for registries and registrars
to act in two ways set forth in report?  Practically possible?  If so,
do they?  If not, have reasons for not doing so been provided and, if
so, what are they?

(I have not included a scope clarification question because I understand
that it has already bee posed.)

Many thanks.


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