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Please find at:
Policy Updates
a new directory on the left hand navigation bar of the GNSO website:

In this new directory, you will find the monthly updates of the brief 
summaries of a number of significant Internet policy issues that are 
being addressed by the ICANN community’s bottom-up policy development 
structure, as well as other significant activities of interest.

This latest monthly update is provided by ICANN’s Policy Staff in 
response to community requests for periodic summaries of ICANN’s policy 

Links to additional information are included in the updates and we 
encourage you to go beyond these brief staff summaries and learn more 
about the ICANN community’s work. Our goal is to maximize transparency 
and broad community participation in ICANN’s policy development 
activities. We continue to investigate more effective and efficient ways 
to communicate the relevance, importance and status of ongoing issues to 
the ICANN community. Comments and suggestions on how we can improve 
these efforts are most welcome and should be sent to 
policy-staff at icann.org.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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