[council] draft 3 of the Proposed memo to the Board relating to 07.89

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
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I attached an alternate message.  Assuming I did it correctly, I also
posted it in on Google motions page.

Here is the thinking behind proposing an alternate message:

- It seems to me that the response by Chris regarding the involvement of
alternates as well as allowing Avri to observe on the IDNC accommodated
most of our concerns so I do not believe that it is any longer necessary
to push for equal membership on the group.

- I believe that the issue of what names fall into ccNSO or GNSO space
is critical but it should be handled separately from the IDNC and that
is the thrust of my alternate message.

- In carefully reading the Board motion and in talking to a couple Board
members, I am not convinced that the Board was consciously approving the
IDNC charter; I certainly do not think that most Board members focused
on the numerical makeup of the group.

- I sincerely believe that we need to avoid making this issue a ccNSO
vs. GNSO issue; there may be times when we must do that, but I am not
convinced this is one.


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Back before the turn of the year I had mentioned that I had bracketed
the question relating to the types of registry that would be assigned to
the IDN ccTLDs.  The enclosed revision of the note includes that  
bracketing.   The only other changes since Draft 0.2 are:

1 I had to recreate the source from the PDF since I lost some work on my
laptop due to an faulty update of OSX 10.5 and my lapse in confirming
that my backups were working correctly.  I believe I  
reproduced it faithfully, but some of the formating may have changed.   
I believe that the content, except for what is mentioned specifically in
this note, remained the same.
2. I have added a placeholder annotation where the results vote, if
taken, will be listed.
3. I have color coded the bracketed text for ease of discussion.

I will ask Glen to update this in the draft page and will update the
reference  in the motion.



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