[council] Possible motion on revised Whois Study schedule

Mike Rodenbaugh mxrodenbaugh at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 3 20:30:50 UTC 2008

Thanks Avri for leading with proposed motions on all these issues, and for
all your hard work for Council.

While I am in agreement with community concerns about 'excessive delay' in
resolving any new WHOIS policy, I feel strongly that 18 days (Jan 7 to 25)
is not enough time for Constituencies to have proper discussion and scoping
of proposals for study.  I think the BC could live with 30 days, so all the
dates after Jan 7 would move forward 12 days, if that is acceptable to the
majority of Council.

Kind regards,

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Subject: [council] Possible motion on revised Whois Study schedule

We have a revision of the Whois Study Schedule on the agenda for  
decision on  3 Jan.

The following has ben added to the Motions page of Google Docs.

2 Possible Motion on Whois study schedule

Whereas the work on defining Whois studies has been more involved then  
originally envisioned, and the holidays have slowed down progress

Resolved to revise Whois Schedule as follows:

03-Jan-08  Discuss/Decide on revised schedule
07-Jan-08  Publish Template with set of initial study proposals
25-Jan-08  Deadline for online submission of proposals
04-Feb08   Collation/summary available
09-Feb-08  Open Review and discussion
First GNSO Council meeting after New Delhi - Make request to Staff for  

{ Council members can propose alternate motions by sending them to the  
list and recording them on the Google docs page}

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