[council] Regarding tools to support conference calls etc

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Thu Jan 3 22:13:06 UTC 2008

Hello All,

> > - use of non ICANN work spaces like Google - what is the value of  
> > this above a list e-mail (
> > I cannot edit it on Google) ?
> ICANN does not have such a capability.  I checked and if they 
> had had  
> such a capability, I would have used it.

For information, the tools the Board is currently using include:

(1) Email mailing list - similar use as per the Council mailing list

(2) Private ICANN Board website - used for storing Board papers, agendas

(3) ICANN Board Wiki website - used for coordinating papers, minutes etc
associated with committees within the Board

(4) Jabber room - this is where Board members can use instant messaging
during board meetings.    It can enhance the interactions in a large
group teleconference - e.g those wanting to speak on a topic and note
their intent to speak without interrupting a current speaker, some draft
text on motions can be shared this way.  Members can also note support
for a particular statement being made by other members etc. - the
equivalent of nodding heads in person.

I agree that a shared whiteboard equivalent can be useful - the
difficulty has been selecting something that all can access.   I tried
some Microsoft software at one point, but not all could access it.   We
also trialled Shinkuro document sharing software for awhile -
particularly within the new gTLD work, which did have some support for a
shared whiteboard equivalent.   The Google software introduced by Avri
is probably as good as any approach.   The Council could request that
staff investigate options in this area further for use by the ICANN
Board, Councils, task forces etc.

The Council may wish to trial the jabber solution.  I know that it is
used by at least the Board and the Security and Stability Advisory
Committee during teleconferences.   It probably needs to be set up at
the next face-to-face meeting to ensure that everyone has the necessary
software, and that it is configured appropriately.


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