[council] Regarding tools to support conference calls etc

philip.sheppard at aim.be philip.sheppard at aim.be
Thu Jan 3 23:40:41 UTC 2008

Thanks Bruce - this is helpful

> Hello All,
>> > - use of non ICANN work spaces like Google - what is the value of
>> > this above a list e-mail (
>> > I cannot edit it on Google) ?
>> ICANN does not have such a capability.  I checked and if they
>> had had
>> such a capability, I would have used it.
> For information, the tools the Board is currently using include:
> (1) Email mailing list - similar use as per the Council mailing list
> (2) Private ICANN Board website - used for storing Board papers, agendas
> etc
> (3) ICANN Board Wiki website - used for coordinating papers, minutes etc
> associated with committees within the Board
> (4) Jabber room - this is where Board members can use instant messaging
> during board meetings.    It can enhance the interactions in a large
> group teleconference - e.g those wanting to speak on a topic and note
> their intent to speak without interrupting a current speaker, some draft
> text on motions can be shared this way.  Members can also note support
> for a particular statement being made by other members etc. - the
> equivalent of nodding heads in person.
> I agree that a shared whiteboard equivalent can be useful - the
> difficulty has been selecting something that all can access.   I tried
> some Microsoft software at one point, but not all could access it.   We
> also trialled Shinkuro document sharing software for awhile -
> particularly within the new gTLD work, which did have some support for a
> shared whiteboard equivalent.   The Google software introduced by Avri
> is probably as good as any approach.   The Council could request that
> staff investigate options in this area further for use by the ICANN
> Board, Councils, task forces etc.
> The Council may wish to trial the jabber solution.  I know that it is
> used by at least the Board and the Security and Stability Advisory
> Committee during teleconferences.   It probably needs to be set up at
> the next face-to-face meeting to ensure that everyone has the necessary
> software, and that it is configured appropriately.
> Regards,
> Bruce

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