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Wed Jan 9 18:20:28 UTC 2008

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Dear Council members,

The results of the vote for the GNSO Council Chair that took place from 
13 December 2007 to 7 January 2008 are:

Weighted voting results:
25       FOR Avri Doria
  2       ABSTAIN
27       Total

Without assigning ballot weights, then, there are 19 votes FOR, 2 votes
21 Council members voted.

There was one candidate, Avri Doria, who accepted her nomination by
Norbert Klein, a NCUC representative, seconded by Jordi Iparraguirre, a
gTLD Registry constituency representative.

Voting took place by email ballot from Thursday, 13 December 2007 at 
15:00 UTC to Monday, 7 January 2008 at 15:00 UTC.

The GNSO Council will confirm the results of the voting at the scheduled 
Council meeting on 17 January 2008. Please check you ballot ID and the 
way your vote was recorded before the meeting.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Final Report on the GNSO Council Chair vote.
23 ballots were received (sorted by ballot id):

  Ballot ID         Date/time Received

B115174d86D         20071227234124
B2b577f986D         20080103141207
B343b67435D         20080104001650
B38d4b9636D         20071227041307
B5fb846ebeD         20071213083709
B5fb846ebeD         20071213103612 *
B6535379f6D         20071213133829
B6d529f897D         20071227012615
B6d529f897D         20080104034650 *
B7484e1329D         20071226053616
B870bc9991D         20071227153456
B89b6beaa8D         20071213122239
B8f1013ebeD         20071227084854
B9dc67df1eD         20071213124721
Ba1ea732edD         20071226004428
Bb90870b76D         20071221060219
Bc01f1b73aD         20071215220741
Bc899f721fD         20071213071056
Bce1f91966D         20071213141051
Be9586ba5cD         20080107063222
Bed462a534D         20071218141814
Bf436324a8D         20071213085858
Bff0ac3358D         20071214001443

The '*' indicates ballots that were sent again; theses later arrivals 
are the ones that are counted.

Here are the raw votes:

B115174d86D:20071227234124:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B115174d86D:20071227234124:[] ABSTAIN
B115174d86D:20071227234124:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B2b577f986D:20080103141207:[X] ABSTAIN
B2b577f986D:20080103141207:[] AGAINST Avri Doria
B2b577f986D:20080103141207:[] FOR Avri Doria

B343b67435D:20080104001650:[] ABSTAIN
B343b67435D:20080104001650:[] AGAINST Avri Doria
B343b67435D:20080104001650:[x] FOR Avri Doria

B38d4b9636D:20071227041307:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B38d4b9636D:20071227041307:[] ABSTAIN
B38d4b9636D:20071227041307:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B5fb846ebeD:20071213083709:[] ABSTAIN
B5fb846ebeD:20071213083709:[] AGAINST Avri Doria
B5fb846ebeD:20071213083709:[] FOR Avri Doria
B5fb846ebeD:20071213103612:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B5fb846ebeD:20071213103612:[] ABSTAIN
B5fb846ebeD:20071213103612:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B6535379f6D:20071213133829:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B6535379f6D:20071213133829:[] ABSTAIN
B6535379f6D:20071213133829:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B6d529f897D:20071227012615:[] ABSTAIN
B6d529f897D:20071227012615:[] AGAINST Avri Doria
B6d529f897D:20071227012615:[] FOR Avri Doria
B6d529f897D:20080104034650:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B6d529f897D:20080104034650:[] ABSTAIN
B6d529f897D:20080104034650:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B7484e1329D:20071226053616:[] AGAINST Avri Doria
B7484e1329D:20071226053616:[] FOR Avri Doria
B7484e1329D:20071226053616:[x] ABSTAIN

B870bc9991D:20071227153456:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B870bc9991D:20071227153456:[] ABSTAIN
B870bc9991D:20071227153456:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B89b6beaa8D:20071213122239:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B89b6beaa8D:20071213122239:[] ABSTAIN
B89b6beaa8D:20071213122239:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B8f1013ebeD:20071227084854:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B8f1013ebeD:20071227084854:[] ABSTAIN
B8f1013ebeD:20071227084854:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

B9dc67df1eD:20071213124721:[X] FOR Avri Doria
B9dc67df1eD:20071213124721:[] ABSTAIN
B9dc67df1eD:20071213124721:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Ba1ea732edD:20071226004428:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Ba1ea732edD:20071226004428:[] ABSTAIN
Ba1ea732edD:20071226004428:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Bb90870b76D:20071221060219:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bb90870b76D:20071221060219:[] ABSTAIN
Bb90870b76D:20071221060219:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Bc01f1b73aD:20071215220741:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bc01f1b73aD:20071215220741:[] ABSTAIN
Bc01f1b73aD:20071215220741:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Bc899f721fD:20071213071056:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bc899f721fD:20071213071056:[] ABSTAIN
Bc899f721fD:20071213071056:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Bce1f91966D:20071213141051:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bce1f91966D:20071213141051:[] ABSTAIN
Bce1f91966D:20071213141051:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Be9586ba5cD:20080107063222:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Be9586ba5cD:20080107063222:[] ABSTAIN
Be9586ba5cD:20080107063222:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Bed462a534D:20071218141814:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bed462a534D:20071218141814:[] ABSTAIN
Bed462a534D:20071218141814:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Bf436324a8D:20071213085858:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bf436324a8D:20071213085858:[] ABSTAIN
Bf436324a8D:20071213085858:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

Bff0ac3358D:20071214001443:[X] FOR Avri Doria
Bff0ac3358D:20071214001443:[] ABSTAIN
Bff0ac3358D:20071214001443:[] AGAINST Avri Doria

(Note that in the two cases of resends, the first ballot was blank.)

Without assigning ballot weights, then, there are 19 votes FOR, 2 votes

The ballot are weighted as follows:

Ballot ID     weight    vote

B115174d86D     2       FOR Avri Doria
B2b577f986D     1       ABSTAIN
B343b67435D     1       FOR Avri Doria
B38d4b9636D     1       FOR Avri Doria
B5fb846ebeD     1       FOR Avri Doria
B6535379f6D     1       FOR Avri Doria
B6d529f897D     1       FOR Avri Doria
B7484e1329D     1       ABSTAIN
B870bc9991D     2       FOR Avri Doria
B89b6beaa8D     1       FOR Avri Doria
B8f1013ebeD     1       FOR Avri Doria
B9dc67df1eD     1       FOR Avri Doria
Ba1ea732edD     1       FOR Avri Doria
Bb90870b76D     2       FOR Avri Doria
Bc01f1b73aD     1       FOR Avri Doria
Bc899f721fD     2       FOR Avri Doria
Bce1f91966D     2       FOR Avri Doria
Be9586ba5cD     1       FOR Avri Doria
Bed462a534D     1       FOR Avri Doria
Bf436324a8D     1       FOR Avri Doria
Bff0ac3358D     2       FOR Avri Doria
                27       Total
                25       FOR Avri Doria
                 2       ABSTAIN

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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