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New Delhi Meeting Hotels Information

Lower Rates negotiated for 31st International Public Meeting but 
participants need to book swiftly

8 January 2008

MARINA DEL REY, Calif.: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and 
Numbers has posted hotel information to help participants prepare for 
ICANN's 31st International Public Meeting in New Delhi, India from 10-15 
February 2008.

'New Delhi, similar to other international cities in high season, is 
expensive' said Paul Levins, Executive Officer and Vice President 
Corporate Affairs. ICANN and the meeting local hosts have worked to 
achieve lower rates for participants. 'This negotiation has taken some 
time, but we are now holding rooms at negotiated rates. These rates are 
still high, ranging from US$354 to over US$400, but they are cheaper 
than the published rates' he said.

Unfortunately many of these cheaper rates can be held for a short period 
of time only given the demand for rooms in New Delhi. If rooms are not 
booked by ICANN participants, they will then be released to the general 

There are presently many rooms available in the ICANN block at The 
Metropolitan (US$354), Le Meridien (US$379) and The Grand Hotel (US$418) 
see http://del.icann.org

'If you plan on attending then you should book now to take advantage of 
these lower rates' Mr Levins said.

The schedule of events for the New Delhi meeting is currently being 
developed and will be posted on the meeting website on 15 January 2008.

Each year ICANN holds three meetings in different regions around the 
world. These meetings constitute an essential part of ICANN's global 
consensus-building and outreach efforts.
Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat - ICANN

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