[council] Some initial reactions from the ccNSO on the GNSO's message to Board regarding IDN TLDs

Thomas Keller tom at 1und1.de
Tue Jan 15 09:34:54 UTC 2008

Hi Avri,

both suggestions sound very good. If my recollection is correct we used 
to have a liason from the CCs in the past which proved to be a valuable 
source of information (some asian lady).



Avri Doria schrieb:
> Hi,
> I have been having some background discussions with Chris Desspain, 
> the chair of the ccNSO council, and others regarding the GNSO 
> council's message and request to the Board.    At, at least, the first 
> reading, there has been some level of concern on his part and the part 
> of others in the ccNSO community with our message to the Board 
> relating to IDN TLDs.  It has been interpreted by some as indicating 
> that the GNSO is against the fast track and against IDNs.  While I 
> tried to explain that this is neither what was written nor what was 
> intended, it does seem to be interpreted that way by some.  The ccNSO 
> is meeting today to discuss a reaction to the GNSO council's message.  
> I expect to have more information on that tomorrow.
> Regardless of what happens with their reaction two possibilities have 
> come out of the discussion:
> - the possibility of a face to face meeting between the two councils 
> in New Delhi to discuss some of the different perspectives on the IDN 
> TLD issue
> - the exchange of liaisons between the two councils, so that in the 
> future there would be a better understanding of each others 
> intentions, processes and decisions.
> I would like to find out if there is support for these two items among 
> others on the council.
> thanks
> a.

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