[council] Some initial reactions from the ccNSO on the GNSO's message to Board regarding IDN TLDs

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Tue Jan 15 15:46:07 UTC 2008

Both ideas sound good to me.

With regard to the liaison idea, one of the things we should probably
start thinking about is whether the GNSO liaison to the ccNSO should be
a GNSO Councilor or not.  On the one hand it seems like it would be
easiest if our liaison was selected from one of the Councilors.  But
during in-person meetings at ICANN regional meetings, GNSO meetings
typically conflict with ccNSO meetings; conflicts could also happen for
teleconference meetings. In cases like that it might be desirable to
have a liaison who was not a Council voting member but who could
participate as an observer in all GNSO meetings when there is not a
conflict.  Obviously, this issue needs a lot more thought and discussion
but thought it might be helpful to start it off.


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I have been having some background discussions with Chris Desspain, the
chair of the ccNSO council, and others regarding the GNSO  
council's message and request to the Board.    At, at least, the first  
reading, there has been some level of concern on his part and the part
of others in the ccNSO community with our message to the Board relating
to IDN TLDs.  It has been interpreted by some as indicating that the
GNSO is against the fast track and against IDNs.  While I tried to
explain that this is neither what was written nor what was intended, it
does seem to be interpreted that way by some.  The ccNSO  
is meeting today to discuss a reaction to the GNSO council's message.   
I expect to have more information on that tomorrow.

Regardless of what happens with their reaction two possibilities have
come out of the discussion:

- the possibility of a face to face meeting between the two councils in
New Delhi to discuss some of the different perspectives on the IDN TLD

- the exchange of liaisons between the two councils, so that in the
future there would be a better understanding of each others intentions,
processes and decisions.

I would like to find out if there is support for these two items among
others on the council.



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