[council] Enfranchising absent voters

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Jan 17 22:11:54 UTC 2008

Since proposed change has the identical effect of a councillor 
leaving the room or staying on mute during a vote, it would seem 
reasonable to be forthright and accept it.


At 17/01/2008 03:49 PM, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

>In the spirit of attempting to minimize disenfranchisement of voting
>rights by any Councilor or constituency, I propose the following change
>of the second bullet under Section 4 (Process):
>- It currently reads, "An e-vote may only be cast by a member absent
>from the Council meeting."
>- I propose it be changed to read, "An e-vote may only be cast by a
>member absent from the Council meeting or one who needs time for further
>consultation or additional information."

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