[council] Domain Tasting - Follow up on possibility of fee application through interim or special budget process

Rosette, Kristina krosette at cov.com
Fri Jan 18 03:55:18 UTC 2008

Our discussion today of application of the ICANN fee to names deleted
during AGP focused on the regular ICANN budget cycle.  I had understood
from our 31 October meeting that it may be possible to pursue levying
the fee through an interim or special budgeting process, and that we
would receive from staff further information about that possibility and
a potential timetable.
I don't recall receiving any further information.  Did we receive it?
If so, would someone please point it out for me?  If we didn't, I
believe it would be helpful to have before Delhi.  To the extent it can
be provided quickly, it would be especially helpful for the design team
to have before Delhi.
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