[council] Meetings in ND

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Sat Jan 19 00:14:52 UTC 2008


When we spoke of the meeting yesterday I fogot to mention the meeting  
on Thursday afternoon, though we have spoken of it before and it is  
becoming a regular meeting.

This agenda for this meeting is the discussion of the information we  
have received from the open forum and other meetings and to plan for  
the period between ND and Paris.  additionally, Nomcom chair Hagen  
Hultzch has asked to meet with the council I believe this is being  
arranged for Thursday lunch, after which we would go into our review  
and planning meeting.  We have also been invited to an evening  
cocktail social meeting with the ALAC.

So the whole schedule of council meetings looks like this:
(Glen will send the official schedule once it is ready, but I wanted  
to give people the picture i have at the moment.)

- Saturday

   GNSO Improvements

- Sunday

   IDN ccTLD responses
   Prep for meeting with ccNSO council
   Prep for public meeting

   Board Diner Meeting

- Maybe Monday but needs confirmation

   Meeting with ccNSO Council

- Tuesday - Constituency Day

- Wednesday

     Public Meeting
        IDN with a decision/vote
        DT with a decision/vote

        Open Mike

    ALAC is inviting the council to a social 'get together' cocktail   
in the evening

- Thursday

    Lunch with Nomcom chair and other nomcom members
    Post public meeting review and planning

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