[council] Fwd: ccNSO response to GNSO resolution

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Tue Jan 22 12:56:36 UTC 2008


Well then I guess that if we wish submit the GNSO responses, or some  
derivative of that, to the comments area, we will have time.

Thanks for the update.


On 22 Jan 2008, at 13:17, Olof Nordling wrote:

> Avri, Chuck, all,
> Breaking news: The deadline for comments to the IDN ccTLD Issues  
> Report has
> just been extended from 25 January until 22 February!
> Very best regards
> Olof
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> Avri,
> The Board requested that the GNSO respond to ccNSO/GAC Issues Report  
> on
> in IDN ccTLDs.  It seems reasonable to assume that the Board requested
> our input for use by the ccNSO; I honestly do not think that Board
> members are directly interested in our input except where it can
> constructively help the ccNSO process.  The questions that are asked  
> in
> the paper relate very closely to the ccNSO's PDP; in fact, it is my
> belief that they were written for that purpose.
> That said, informing Bart is certainly a good thing to do.  I would  
> also
> suggest that we inform Chris because, as chair of the ccNSO, he is
> undoubtedly working very closely with Bart in development of the  
> issues
> report.  Finally, because the Board initiated the request, it would  
> seem
> appropriate to notify them of our anticipated completion date.
> I was not in any way suggesting that we ask Bart to delay his work but
> rather to notify him that our input was coming so that he could
> hopefully anticipate it and plan for it because I sincerely believe  
> that
> we will be providing some input into their process that they will take
> into consideration.
> Chuck
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> Subject: Re: [council] Fwd: ccNSO response to GNSO resolution
> Hi,
> Personally, the more I think about it, the more I think it might be
> sufficient to inform Bart Boswnkle, the staff member responsible the
> issues report  of when we believe our response to the Board will be
> available so that he can figure this in, as he wishes, to his work and
> his schedule.
> The report  we are working on is not specifically meant as an input  
> for
> the ccNSO PDP but as a response to the Board, and I wonder about the
> wisdom of having it stand in the role of comment to the ccNSO PDP.   
> The
> GNSO Council could certainly submit something specific in comment if  
> we
> thought that was appropriate, though it may be more effective for
> various members and constituencies to do so individually  at this  
> point.
> Once we are ready with the response to the Board, we certainly can  
> make
> a copy available to Bart.
> Further, as I do not believe we will be ready until the meeting on 13
> Feb, I think it would be asking a lot to ask him to wait for our  
> input.
> Of course the sooner we publish a draft, the sooner people will have  
> an
> idea of the direction of the response.  That in itself may be helpful.
> a.
> On 21 Jan 2008, at 23:27, Gomes, Chuck wrote:
>>> I can do so if the council desires.  I have, however, sent in my own
>>> personal response to the ccNSO comment site (mailed before I  
>>> received
>>> the ccNSO letter), and would suggest that as co-chair of the council
>>> and chair of the group writing the response that you might be the
>>> better source of this respectful request.  But, I am wiling to do so
>>> if the council so choses.
>> I would be more than happy to do this (as vice chair) if the Council
>> is supportive of that idea.  I think it is less important who sends  
>> it
>> than it is that it be sent before the end of the public comment
>> period, which is this coming Friday, 25 January.

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