[council] Clarification of a point in ccNSO letter to the Board

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Wed Jan 23 05:30:30 UTC 2008

Begin forwarded message:

>> When the ccNSO says:
>>> c) During the process the delegation of new TLDs would need to be
>>> suspended to ensure
>>> that TLDs are not created in circumstances that would be a breach of
>>> the policy being
>>> developed.
>> Is the ccNSO referring to all TLDs or just to IDN TLDs?  There has
>> been some question about this on the GNSO council list.  And while I
>> have stated that I believe the ccNSO meant all TLDs including non-IDN
>> gTLDs, I have not been able to say so with any authority.
> [Chris Disspain] It's a step by step scenario. If 'policy' setting  
> were
> limited to what is a ccTLD IDN and what is a gTLD IDN then,  
> presumably one
> would argue that only IDNs would need to be suspended. However, the
> argument is that it cannot be done that way and that one would have  
> to go
> to the basic question what is a ccTLD and what is a gTLD and on that  
> basis
> then all new TLDs would need to be suspended.

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