[council] Edits to the IDNC Initial Report

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Sun Jan 27 20:20:52 UTC 2008

Thanks Edmon.  Your suggested edits look pretty good overall but I do
have one question regarding the following new question you suggest
adding in 4.b.(i): "For example, should the IDN ccTLD manager be
required to engage in an understanding with ICANN?" What does it mean to
'engage in an understanding'?


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Hi Everyone,

Attached please find edits I will be sending to the IDNC regarding the
Initial Report circulated to the group earlier.

Key points that I have edited in include:
- consideration that requirements and process for Fast Track may be
different from the longer term process
- as such, certain requirements such as requiring an explicit commitment
with ICANN, may be appropriate for the Fast Track even as it may not be
necessary for the longer term process
- added questions on whether a list of potential TLD strings should be
compiled for the Fast Track
- adherence to ICANN IDN Guidelines as a requirement
- consideration for policies to curb phishing and avoid conflicts due to
- restructured slightly the flow of the document to identify the topics
	- string selection
		- requirements
		- process
	- ccTLD manager determination
		- requirements
		- process
- avoidance of TLD strings that maybe confusingly similar to existing

Comments welcome as usual.


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