[council] FW: [ipf] SSAC advisory on fast flux hosting and DNS

Mike Rodenbaugh mxrodenbaugh at yahoo.com
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Fyi there is a recent report from SSAC, which recommends that the community
examine steps to mitigate the criminal effects of fast flux hosting.  The
rise of fast flux hosting has had severely negative effects on law
enforcement (private and governmental) efforts to deal with e-crime.
Moreover, fast flux hosting appears to have no legitimate purpose, and can
be effectively mitigated by certain steps adopted by some registries and
registrars already.  SSAC has done great background work here, and now I
think it is time for the GNSO to take lead on this issue.  

I would like to have preliminary discussion at a Council meeting in the near
future, please.  I also copy the Business Constituency for comments back to
me or the BC List please.

Mike Rodenbaugh

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Many of you deserve our thanks for providing valuable insights. You will
undoubtedly note these as you read. I've also alluded to or referenced APWG
activities and reports in the Advisory.

Think of this Advisory as first in a series of efforts. Most of the ICANN
community is at best vaguely familiar with criminal activities and how
criminals are pursued. Hopefully this Advisory provides much-needed
education and awareness. We also enumerate current and possible
countermeasures. We hope that a broader and more uniform set of practices
emerges from our findings and recommendations.

SSAC doesn't dictate or write policy. We only advise ICANN, its BoD, and the
community. We can make recommendations, but it's up to ICANN, the registries
and registrars, and other affected and influencing parties to act on our

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