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In preparation for this call, I took a stab at starting a list of questions we could provide to Doug and Kevin in advance and ask in the session.  Please review and edit my questions (including deleting any) and add any new questions you have.  It seems to me that we should provide the questions to them NLT Friday the 13th.  I attached the questions as a Word file and pasted them below as well.


Proposed questions for GNSO Session re. ICANN Operating Plan & Budget

General Questions
1.	How much is budgeted specifically for travel support of the GNSO and how is it anticipated that any such funds, if approved, would be allocated?

Key Initiative # 1- Complete New gTLD Policy Implementation (p. 9)
2.	Is it correct to assume that some of the upfront costs associated with the planning and implementation of new gTLDs will be covered by the FY08 budget?  If so, is it planned to recoup any of these costs in the initial application fees or in dispute resolution fees?  What criteria will be used to determine which costs will be included in application and dispute resolution fees?

Revenue (pp. 14-17)
3.	With the increasing importance of IPv4 and IPv6 issues, does ICANN expect the costs associated with supporting the ASO to increase significantly in FY09 and beyond?  If so, what is being done to ensure that those increases are covered from a revenue point of view?
4.	It seems clear that costs associated with supporting the ccNSO community regarding the introduction of IDN TLDs are going to accelerate in FY09 and beyond.  What is being done to ensure that those increases are covered from a revenue point of view?

Budget FY09 - Revenue by Source (p. 28)
5.	The percentage of total revenue contributed by the RIRs and ccTLDs appears to be shrinking from approximately 6% in FY08 to about 5% in FY09.  Not surprisingly, the percentage of total revenue contributed by GNSO registrants via registrars and registries is growing from approximately 91% in FY08 to about 93% in FY09.  The trend seems to be going in the direction of more subsidization of the ASO and ccNSO by the GNSO at the same time that there appears to be increasing demand for resources associated with there responsibilities.  Are these trends expected to continue?  Are there any concrete reasons to believe that this will change in the near future?  If so, please provide details. 

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> Dear Councillors,
> A teleconference is being scheduled for June 12, 2008 at 
> 12:00 UTC to give the councillors an opportunity to provide 
> meaningful feedback on ICANN's FY09 Operating Plan and Budget 
> that has been posted on 17 May in accordance with the bylaws.
> http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcement-17may08.htm
> Doug Brent and Kevin Wilson will be on the call to respond to 
> any of your questions.
> "The draft was largely based upon community input on ICANN's 
> priorities.
> We would like to continue the important process of obtaining 
> community input as we start to finalize the budget for final 
> approval by the Board
> during the Paris ICANN meeting.    You, of course, can provide
> additional community input on the public comment page:
> http://www.icann.org/public_comment/#op-budget-fy2009 "
> Dial-in information will be sent separately.
> Thank you.
> Kind regards,
> Glen
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