[council] Draft minutes of GNSO Council teleconference 29 May 2008

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Wed Jun 11 22:21:53 UTC 2008


One problem with executive summaries and syntheses of various sorts  
its that they are a lot harder to write then one can imagion - i have  
written many in my day job.. And they are a lot harder for people to  
accept because the degree of abstraction necessary to make it concise  
means that a lot of information is lost.  People have a tendency to  
want their point of view represented in the minutes - and in an  
executive summary or abstract that can't happen.

I agree that we don't need to quote the motions twice in the minutes,   
and in fact since the motions are sent out earlier and posted before  
the minutes are published it might just be possible to reference them  
with an url pointing to where they are posted.  This in itself will  
shorten the minutes considerably.

Personally, I know I find these minutes valuable in that they give a  
reliable reference to go back and review not only what we have done  
but what the various viewpoints are.  Yes, we have the recordings and  
they are valuable for anyone who wants to do in depth research on an  
issue.  To say someone can go back to the recording anytime is true,  
but the level of difficulty in doing so is quite high.  In fact having  
done so on occasion, I can point out how useful the detailed minutes  
were in helping to search for the place in the recordings I needed.

I suggest that in the short run we consider leaving out the repetition  
of the motions in the minutes but that for now we keep the extended  
reporting and see if this makes an appreciable difference.    In the  
longer run the topic of how the council fulfills its requirements for  
transparency and accountability, including minutes, may be a good  
topic for the Operations Standing Committee we are considering as part  
of the GNSO "improvements".  Alternatively we could schedule a  
discussion on minutes for one of our future meetings if that is what  
the council members wish.


On 11 Jun 2008, at 16:53, Rosette, Kristina wrote:

> I agree that shorter is better.  I would prefer an executive summary
> format supplemented by audio and transcription.
> Why are our phone meetings not transcribed?  I've always found that
> frustrating because it's then necessary to go through the entire audio
> to find what is often a 3-minute dialogue.  If we're heading in that
> direction anyway, why not make it complete?  Transcription has the  
> added
> benefit of being easily searchable.
> K
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> I am increasingly concerned that the GNSO minutes are overly long and
> detract from our work.
> The current set is 17 pages long. Finding the relevant details -  
> actions
> we agreed upon - is hard.
> Is it really necessary to record every detail of "he said" "she said"
> and "he said again"?
> If people want a minute by minute record we have the audio file.
> A set of minutes should reflect:
> 1. Who was there
> 2. What was discussed (including key questions but not every  
> question).
> 3. What was agreed.
> This level of detail seems to have grown. Past DNSO and GNSO minutes
> were not so lengthy.
> Has there been direction from the Chair to the GNSO secretary to do  
> them
> in this way?
> If so why?
> If not, lets ask for shorter minutes please.
> Philip

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