[council] IPC Presentation on Pre-Launch Rights Protection Mechanisms for new gTLDS

Rosette, Kristina krosette at cov.com
Fri Jun 13 18:37:58 UTC 2008


On Tuesday, 24 June at 2 PM in the Rodin room, there will be a
presentation by a team of IPC members on pre-launch rights protection
mechanisms for new gTLDs.  Attached is an advance copy of the booklet
that has been prepared as an educational resource to accompany the
presentation.    The presentation and booklet are independent
initiatives of the IPC; Marques sponsored the booklet.

You are all invited to attend the presentation.  We hope that you will
forward the booklet and invitation to your fellow Constituency and
Advisory Committee members.

Sincerely yours,

 <<A Perfect Sunrise IPC RPM Booklet.pdf>> 
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