[council] Domain Tasting Implementation Advisory

Robert Hoggarth robert.hoggarth at icann.org
Wed Jun 18 03:24:56 UTC 2008

Attached, for your information, is an advisory on domain name tasting prepared by ICANN Staff.  This document identifies implementation considerations regarding the GNSO Council's 17 April 2008 Recommendation and the Proposed FY 09 Operating Plan and Budget as it pertains to FY 09 new registrar-level transaction fees - both intended to address domain tasting.  The document examines each component of the GNSO Recommendation and identifies particular implementation steps that should be considered to put the GNSO Recommendation and the FY 09 Budget Plan in place, both of which will be considered by ICANN's Board at its 26 June meeting.

This document is intended to advise the ICANN community of several of the prospective implementation matters being considered, studied and investigated by Staff as we move toward a more formal implementation process intended to curb domain tasting.  Observations and comments are welcomed at policy-staff at icann.org.

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Rob Hoggarth
Senior Policy Director
robert.hoggarth at icann.org

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