[council] Possible discussion points for IDNC discussions in Paris

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Wed Jun 18 20:49:34 UTC 2008

I prepared the attached one pager to facilitate our discussion of the
fast track in our working session and with the GAC, not intending to
give it to the GAC.  I eliminated 4 of the 15 points from the Executive
Summary of our comments to the ccNSO/GAC issues paper because I thought
they might not be as directly useful in our discussions in Paris.  The
remaining 11 points could serve as our agenda for this discussion in the
working session on Sunday and help us decide what we want to communicate
with the GAC.
After a conversation with Suzanne Sene on this subject, I am convinced
that we may be able to maximize our effectiveness in Paris if we take a
position like the following, which I believe is consistent with our
comments on the issues paper: "Neither territory IDN TLDs or generic IDN
TLDs should be advantaged over the other; in other words, territory IDN
TLDs should not be introduced before IDN gTLDs, nor should IDN gTLDs be
introduced before territory IDN TLDs, unless one SO takes an
unreasonably long period of time to finish implementation plans."
For ease of reference, our full comments document can be found at 
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