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Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Sat Jun 21 17:17:36 UTC 2008


I have attached the blueboard from today's blue sky meeting.  i want  
to remind everyone of a couple of points.

- this is te start of a rolling list of issues that some of the people  
who attended today's meeting think might be worth discussing in terms  
of policy implications for the GNSO and ICANN.

- this is _not_ a plan

- there was no agreement on the wording of the issues

- there is no commitment anywhere about anything in this list other  
then they are on a list of things that will discussed further.

Over time as the list matures and some comments are added to the list,  
as well as possibly new items and depending what comes out of the  
constituency meetings, the  public meeting and future council  
meetings, we may start to prioritize some of the items that are on  
this list in order to create a draft policy strategy plan for the  
future.  But I reiterate this list is just a first step in that  
direction with a long ways to go yet. With all sorts of constituency  
and public reviews to happen before it ever becomes a plan.

I will abstract the information from this list to create a slide or  
two for the public meeting.

Thanks to everyone who risked contributing their thoughts to this  

And thanks to Olof for facilitating the beginning of this process.


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