[council] Proposed Motion for 25 June on GNSO "Improvments"

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Sun Jun 22 05:41:29 UTC 2008


It looks good to me except it might be helpful to request that constituencies identify one member each foe each of the two steering committees by the Council meeting on 25 June if possible.


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Subject:	[council] Proposed Motion for 25 June on GNSO "Improvments"


Based on my understanding of the results of today's meeting, I have  
drafted the following motion.



Motion:   Avri Doria

Whereas it is expected that ICANN Board of Directors will adopt  
recommendations for GNSO "Improvements" and in response to Board  
resolution 2008.02.15.03 that directed the ICANN Staff in consultation  
with  GNSO  to develop an implementation plan

And whereas such a plan was developed by the Planning Team composed of  
staff and GNSO members working jointly and in cooperation,


The GSNO Council approves the Framework defined in GNSO Improvements -  
Top Level Plan of 21 June 2008 prepared by the GNSO Improvements  
Planning Team as documented in (url) and request that constituencies  
and nomcom appointees begin the task of naming representatives to  
serve in the two Standing Committees as defined in the Top Level Plan.

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