[council] Proposed draft schedule for GNSO Chair and Vice Chair elections

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Fri Nov 7 16:01:23 UTC 2008


Thanks for this sentiment.  And yes, if the council is willing to have  
me serve a while longer I am willing to do so.


We did talk about it some.  The ICANN by-laws require a yearly  
election and it seems easier to hold that election whether it is one  
candidate or more.  Getting a waiver or a change in the by-laws may be  
over kill at this point.

Once we have changes in the new by-laws and have defined the election  
of a chair for the bi-cameral and have seated the new council, it  
seems reasonable that at this point the council would hold elections  
and upon election of a new chair, any current chair from the old  
system would be replaced.

So my recommendation in the meeting was that we hold elections as  
normal and then hold elections again once we have the new council mid  

In terms of myself, if nominated, I will stand again knowing that the  
by-laws will change under the new system and that another election  
will occur during the year.  Since my term as a council member ends at  
the end of the annual meeting of 2009, I will not be standing for  
election once the bi-cameral system is put into place (assuming I am  
not replaced before then under a more rapid suggestion of NCA exchange).


On 7 Nov 2008, at 16:35, Gomes, Chuck wrote:

> My apologies for having to leave early and miss this meeting. I have  
> been thinking for some time that it might be helpful to continue  
> with Avri as chair until June when we initiate the bicameral  
> Council, assuming of course that she is willing.  Was there any  
> discussion of this in the afternoon meeting yesterday.
> Chuck
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>> Dear All,
>> Proposed draft schedule for GNSO Chair and Vice Chair elections
>> Call for nominations for GNSO Council Chair Monday 1 December
>> 2008 to Monday 15 December 2008 (2 weeks)
>> Possible interviews with the candidates
>> Tuesday 16 December candidate slate announced
>> Proposed period to interview candidates
>> 16 December - 23 December 2008
>> Voting for GNSO Council chair
>> Monday 5 January to 14 January 2009
>> Thursday 15 January 2009 announce the result of the GNSO Council  
>> Chair
>> Call for nominations for GNSO Council Vice Chair Thursday 15
>> January 2009 to Thursday 22 January 2009
>> 29 January 2009 GNSO Council meeting
>> Confirmation of the GNSO Council Chair
>> Vote for GNSO Council Vice Chair
>> 30 January 2009 end of term for current Chair and Vice Chair
>> Thank you.
>> kind regards,
>> Glen
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