[council] FW: ICANN News Alert -- AGP Deletes Down by 84%

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Nov 20 03:37:49 UTC 2008

Forgot to note - the comment period closes tomorrow.

At 19/11/2008 09:57 PM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
>The draft implementation plan was posted for comment on Oct 20 - 
>The plan calls for the policy to be in place no later than March 1, 
>2009. The date is in square brackets, which I guess implies that it 
>might be changed based on the comments received. There has been only 
>one comment which seems to be spam, so presumably the draft 
>implementation plan will followed.
>At 19/11/2008 08:19 PM, Mike Rodenbaugh wrote:
>>  Fwiw, many in the Business Constituency are interested to have 
>> some indication of when the resolution will be implemented, and 
>> why it has not been implemented to date.
>>Mike Rodenbaugh
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