[council] Election of GNSO Representatives to the Geo-Region Community Wide WG

Gomes, Chuck cgomes at verisign.com
Wed Nov 26 15:34:54 UTC 2008

Regarding Council election of two GNSO representatives to the
Community-Wide WG on Geographical Regions, please note that the
nomination period ends this coming Friday, 28 November.  So far we have
two nominations: Olga Cavalli and Eric Brunner-Williams.  Please send
any additional nominations by Friday, including self-nominations.  The
plan is to initiate the voting process as soon as the nomination period

In that regard, if there are only two nominees, does anyone object to
simply approving the two nominees as our representatives without a
formal vote after their personal statements are distributed?  If anyone
objects, we will have a formal, online vote. Please communicate any
objection NLT this coming Friday, 28 November.  Otherwise, we will
assume that a formal vote is not needed.

To prepare for the possibility of a formal, online election, if it is
needed, here are the procedures I propose:

1. The list of nominated candidates will be provided with the statements
provided from the candidates.

2. The ballot will list all the candidates names plus a choice of 'None
of the Above'.

3. Councilors may vote no more than once each for up to two candidates
or for None of the Above.

4. Weighted voting will apply.

5. The election period will end on Thursday, 4 December, thereby
allowing us to communicate our representatives to the Board one week
prior to their meeting on 11 December.

Note that the above allows Councilors to vote for two candidates, for
one candidate or no candidates. If only one candidate is selected by a
Councilor, that selection will only count as one vote (weighted if
applicable) for that candidate; it would not be allowed to apply two
votes to one candidate.

If anyone objects to this procedure or wants to suggest a modification,
please communicate that NLT this coming Friday, 28 November.

In either of the above scenarios, we will confirm the election of the
representatives in our 18 December meeting so that it is on the record.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Chuck Gomes

Note: Avri, Glen and I developed the above via lots of emails and I
agreed to take the lead because Avri is traveling.

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