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Mon Feb 2 04:10:06 UTC 2009

Thanks Rob.  It seems to me that there is probably useful data in this
report for all five of the GNSO Improvement Work Teams and hence should
be provided to the WTs once they are formed.  I think this should also
be sent to the PPSC.


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	Dear GNSO Council, Constituency Leaders and Operations Steering
Committee Members;
	As you will recall, we launched a GNSO Constituency Survey at
the start of the Cairo Meeting and concluded it, after a two week
extension, on 14 December 2008.  The survey was designed to collect
constituency input in the following four specific areas highlighted in
the Board's Report on GNSO Improvements:  
	(1)   Developing a standardized "Toolkit" of services; 
	(2)   Creating a centralized membership registry or database; 
	(3)   Knowledge/skill training for leaders and members; and 
	(4)   Recruiting/outreach programs associated with constituency
growth and expansion. 
	Attached, as promised, is a comprehensive final report of the
survey's findings which covers who, what, when, why, and how as well as
summarizing each question and an initial set of observations/conclusions
that can be drawn from participant responses.  
	Our original intention was to provide this input to the
Operations Steering Committee's (OSC) Work Team chartered to develop
recommendations in these disciplines.  We hope the team will find the
materials helpful in their deliberations.  Thanks to everyone's active
engagement in this effort, especially those who helped with testing and
many of you who personally participated in the survey.  The planning
worked out well in that we hoped to have this product available on or
about the time that the Work Team commenced deliberations.  Many thanks
to Ken Bour for leading the effort to develop the survey, marshalling it
forward and preparing the final report.
	We will post the report on the GNSO Improvements Information Web
Portal ( http://gnso.icann.org/en/improvements/ ) as well as the OSC's
Wiki page (
sc ).   A courtesy copy of this report will also be sent to the survey
respondents not on this circulation list along with our "thanks" for
their participation.  
	If you have any questions about this report or any other aspect
of the survey, please email me. 
	Rob Hoggarth
	Senior Policy Director

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