[council] GNSO letter to the ICANN Board regarding Public Participation

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Mon Feb 2 23:12:05 UTC 2009


In order to get this sent as soon as possible, I would like to avoid  
waiting until we have a meeting for the approval.

So,  I ask for a 24 hour call on this document.   If there are no  
comments I will send it to the Board with a copy to the appropriate  
Staff leadership on Wednesday 4 Feb at 0000 UTC.

If there are any comments or corrections, the call will continue for   
another 24 hours from when the revised version is sent to the list.



On 2 Feb 2009, at 17:13, Adrian Kinderis wrote:

> All,
> In Cairo I was asked to head a drafting team to author a letter to  
> the ICANN Board conveying our disappointment in the Public  
> Participation sessions at the Cairo Meeting and to address the  
> concern that ICANN was trending to reduce the amount of “contact  
> sessions” between the Public and the Board – a vital part of the  
> ICANN Meetings.
> Please find attached the letter that we submit to the Council for  
> approval to go to the Board.
> Avri, can you please provide the appropriate comment period and  
> detail the process for this to happen.
> Thanks to Chuck, Avri and Kristina for their assistance.
> Adrian Kinderis
> <GNSO letter to the Board RE Public Participation.doc>

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