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Avri and all,
We need to very quickly "identify some user representatives, especially individual users, who would be willing to work with the ALAC and At-Large community to develop a recommendation regarding the Board's request".  Does the NCUC have any recommendations?  Should we seek some volunteers from the GA list?  Can anyone recommend an individual user?


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		Motion 4
		Motion re: Individual Users in the GNSO
		Motion proposed by Chuck Gomes seconded by Bill Drake with friendly amendments by Alan Greenberg 

		*	On 11 December 2008, the ICANN Board approved Resolution 2008-12-11-02 seeking a recommendation on how to incorporate the legitimate interests of individual Internet users in the GNSO in constructive yet non-duplicative ways and requesting that the recommendation should be submitted no later than 24 January 2009 for consideration by the Board. 
		*	In an email message to the GNSO Council list dated 20 January 2009, the ICANN Vice President, Policy Development clarified that the11 December Resolution is an effort to help the Board identify a strategic solution that balances ALAC/At-Large and GNSO opportunities for all user and registrant stakeholders. 
		*	The Working Group on GNSO Council Restructuring Report sent to the ICANN Board of Directors on 25 July 2008 recommended that the Non-Contracted Party/User House would be open to membership of all interested parties that use or provide services for the Internet, with the obvious exclusion of the contracted parties and should explicitly not be restricted to domain registrants as recommended by the BGC and that such recommendation was made in response to the suggestion of the ALAC Liaison to the Council. 
		*	The GNSO Council Chair previously contacted the ALAC Chair and the GNSO ALAC Liaison to discuss this topic. 
		*	The potential members of the two GNSO Council Non-Contracted Party Stakeholder Groups have been tasked with submitting proposed Stakeholder Group Charters to the ICANN Board prior to the Board meeting on 6 March 2009. 


		*	The Council requests the GNSO Council ALAC Liaison in consultation with the ALAC Chair to: 

			*	Determine whether the ALAC and At-Large community have any concerns with regard to the recommendation that membership in the Non-Contracted Party/User House would be open to individual Internet users in addition to domain name registrants and, if so, to communicate those concerns to the GNSO Council as soon as practical 

	The ALAC and At-Large continue to support having users (which includes registrants) involved in the Non-contracted Party/User House of the GNSO. Our initial reply to the Board is appended below. 

			*	Determine whether the ALAC and At-Large community would like the GNSO to identify some user representatives, especially individual users, who would be willing to work with the ALAC and At-Large community to develop a recommendation regarding the Board's request that could be forwarded to the appropriate groups for their consideration in developing a stakeholder group charter and to the Board for action on GNSO improvement recommendations. 

	We are most certainly interested. As noted in our initial response to the Board, we are committed to responding to the Board by February 20. Our intent is to try to reach some common ground with the GNSO-names individuals. To the extent that we do or do not meet this goal, our response to the Board will note it.

		If in either case the ALAC or At-large community do not accept this proposal the GNSO council may reconsider the issue. 

			*	Provide weekly progress reports to the Council list regarding the above. 

		*	The Council directs the Council Chair to: 

			*	Apologize to the Board that it failed to meet the Board established deadline of 24 January 
			*	Inform the Board that the GNSO: 

				*	Is awaiting information from the ALAC. 
				*	Is willing in cooperation with users to identify user representatives, especially individual users, who would be willing to work with the ALAC and At-Large community to develop a recommendation. 
				*	Will promptly consider next steps and respond to the Board as quickly as possible after requested information is received from the ALAC as well any recommendation that may be developed by the ALAC and At-Large community. 

		The motion passed unanimously by voice vote 

	*Letter from the Chair of the ALAC to the Chair of the Board of ICANN*
	I write to you today in connection with ICANN Board Resolution 2008-12-11-02.
	Whilst the resolution asked that a recommendation on the modalities for including Individual Internet users in the GNSO should be presented to the board by 24^th January, the various parties have been unable to conclude work in the timeframe provided. Considering that much of the available time between 11^th December and 24^th January was over the festive season, I'm sure you and the other board members will understand that whilst we are working on the question, as volunteers during a major family holiday we have had less time for this issue than would otherwise be the case.
	With respect to At-Large we are also very busy with new gTLDs, the ALAC Review, and the organisation of the At-Large Summit; the Board's request really couldn't have come at a worse time.
	Nevertheless we are working on the question. I have had discussions with Avri Doria, GNSO Council Chair, on how to convene the various interested parties and I compliment her efforts to encourage constructive work on this question. Unfortunately the modalities for joint work by all interested parties has in itself proven controversial enough that no meeting of that kind has taken place yet, it does appear that things are moving in a positive direction and that discussions of a suitably representative nature will be forthcoming.
	In the meantime, At-Large has convened a regionally-balanced ad-hoc working group and we have committed to having a considered response not later than 20^th February, irrespective of what efforts involving broader interests is able to produce.
	What we can say to you at this point is the following:
	   * At-Large and ALAC does not believe that the answer to individual
	     Internet user participation in the GNSO requires -- or is even
	     well-served -- by simply inserting the At-Large community's
	     structures into the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group. In fact, we
	     believe that would be both confusing to the community and quite
	   * The concept of opening the GNSO to "users" instead of
	     "registrants" was included in the Report of the Working Group on
	     GNSO Council Restructuring at the instigation of the ALAC. We
	     remain convinced that the GNSO must include meaningful
	     participation for those speaking on behalf of individual Internet
	     users within both the commercial and non-commercial stakeholder
	     groups. But to be clear, our definition of "user" includes
	   * "meaningful participation" in this context means that those
	     engaged on behalf of individual Internet users must feel that
	     their voices are influential and effective and equal to the voices
	     of other groups in their Stakeholder Group. Without this, there is
	     no chance that new players can be drawn into the GNSO community.
	   * We have seen the draft NCUC petition and charter for the NCSG,
	     held a meeting with members of the NCUC during the ICANN Cairo
	     meeting to discuss it and we continue to evaluate the proposal.
	     Without prejudice to that proposal, we believe that the ultimate
	     structure of the NCSG must provide a place where all voices and
	     views can be heard on the questions of the day, and where the
	     structures of the NCSG ensure that no voice is disenfranchised and
	     in particular that individual personalities are unable to impose
	     their views on others. Just as "takeover" is an issue within ICANN
	     as a whole, it is also an issue within a SG.
	Whilst I know that the above is not all that you hoped to receive from us this month, I hope that you will find it useful and we look forward to concluding our work on this question, as soon as possible.
	Of course if you or your colleagues require clarification on any of the above, I,  our ALAC Executive, and the Working Group established for this topic, remain at your service.
	Kindest regards,
	(Signed on behalf the ALAC ad-hoc WG on NCSG : GNSO Improvements Implementation)
	Cheryl Langdon-Orr
	ALAC Chair 2007-2009

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