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I second the motion.



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Set forth below is a proposed motion to create a Registration Abuse Policies
Working Group.  (The attached file also contains the motion text.)  The
motion is the output of the drafting group.  Do I have a second?



Whereas GNSO Council Resolution (20081218-3) dated December 18, 2008 called
for the creation of a drafting team "to create a proposed charter for a
working group to investigate the open issues documented in the issues report
on Registrations[sic]  Abuse Policy".

Whereas a drafting team has formed and its members have discussed and
reviewed the open issues documented in the issues report.  

Whereas it is the view of the drafting Team that the objective of the
Working Group should be to gather facts, define terms, provide the
appropriate focus and definition of the policy issue(s), if any, to be
addressed, in order to enable the GNSO Council to make an informed decision
as to whether to launch PDP on registration abuse.

Whereas the drafting team recommends that the GNSO Council charter a Working
Group to (i) further define and research the issues outlined in the
Registration Abuse Policies Issues Report; and (ii) take the steps outlined
below. The Working Group should complete its work before a decision is taken
by the GNSO Council on whether to launch a PDP.

To form a Working Group of interested stakeholders and Constituency
representatives, to collaborate broadly with knowledgeable individuals and
organizations, to further define and research the issues outlined in the
Registration Abuse Policies Issues Report; and take the steps outlined in
the Charter. The Working Group should address the issues outlined in the
Charter and report back to the GNSO Council within 90 days following the end
of the ICANN meeting in Mexico City. 

Scope and definition of registration abuse - the Working Group should define
domain name registration abuse, as distinct from abuse arising solely from
use of a domain name while it is registered. The Working Group should also
identify which aspects of the subject of registration abuse are within
ICANN's mission to address and which are within the set of topics on which
ICANN may establish policies that are binding on gTLD registry operators and
ICANN-accredited registrars. This task should include an illustrative
categorization of known abuses.

Additional research and identifying concrete policy issues - The issues
report outlines a number of areas where additional research would be needed
in order to understand what problems may exist in relation to registration
abuse and their scope, and to fully appreciate the current practices of
contracted parties, including research to:

*	'Understand if registration abuses are occurring that might be
curtailed or better addressed if consistent registration abuse policies were
*	'Determine if and how [registration] abuse is dealt with in those
registries [and registrars] that do not have any specific [policies] in
*	'Identify how these registration abuse provisions are [...]
implemented in practice or deemed effective in addressing registration


In addition, additional research should be conducted to include the
practices of relevant entities other than the contracted parties, such as
abusers, registrants, law enforcement, service providers, and so on.

The Working Group should determine how this research can be conducted in a
timely and efficient manner -- by the Working Group itself via a Request for
Information (RFI), by obtaining expert advice, and/or by exploring other

Based on the additional research and information, the Working Group should
identify and recommend specific policy issues and processes for further
consideration by the GNSO Council.

SSAC Participation and Collaboration 
The Working Group should (i) consider inviting a representative from the
Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) to participate in the
Working Group; (ii) consider in further detail the SSAC's invitation to the
GNSO Council to participate in a collaborative effort on abuse contacts; and
(iii) make a recommendation to the Council about this invitation.  

Workshop at ICANN meeting in Mexico City on Registration Abuse Policies - In
order to get broad input on and understanding of the specific nature of
concerns from community stakeholders, the drafting team proposes to organize
a workshop on registration abuse policies in conjunction with the ICANN
meeting in Mexico City. The Working Group should review and take into
account the discussions and recommendations, if any, from this workshop in
its deliberations.

<<Draft motion - Registration Abuse Policies Charter - Updated 10 February

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