[council] Preliminary Report of ICANN Board meeting - 3 Feb 2009

Bruce Tonkin Bruce.Tonkin at melbourneit.com.au
Thu Feb 12 23:21:38 UTC 2009

Hello Mike,

> Re term limits, is it correct that terms served up and 
> through Seoul do not
> count against the limit?  What about those of us who are in 
> mid-term as of
> the end of Seoul meeting, is it correct that we could serve 
> two more terms
> after the AGM in 2010 (when our current terms expire)?

Some scenarios were discussed during the Board call - so you will be
able to see some of this when the complete minutes come out.

Other than that it is really for the ICANN General Counsel to respond to
specific questions on this topic.

Without speaking legally - I think the intent is that a Council member
should serve a limit of two terms in a row.  I think there is
recognition that while you are in transition - a constituency may wish
to extend a current term of a long standing member until the 2009 AGM
while some of the structural issues are being worked out.    There is
probably nothing stopping you appointing a person for a two year term
starting today - but I think the intent of the term limit should be
considered when making that appointment. 

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