[council] Motion re RAA Amendments

Mike Rodenbaugh icann at rodenbaugh.com
Sun Feb 15 02:18:32 UTC 2009

Sorry to miss Thursday deadline, it has been a very rough week with the flu
for me and my entire family.  Even if we can't vote on this on Thursday, I
would like to add it to AOB so we are prepared for a vote in Mexico City.
There is nothing new here, I have suggested this several times in the past
several months.  For Staff to suggest going around the Council, after
Council voted down the amendment package, is deeply troubling.  This would
keep the debate where it belongs, and hopefully will bring about swift,
consensus amendments to the RAA in the next few months.


Do I have a second?






Whereas, the RAA has not been amended since inception, and there is
widespread community support for amendments to various provisions of the


Whereas, the Registrars Constituency and ICANN Staff have agreed on a set of
proposed amendments to the RAA, and that set of amendments has been
considered for approval by the GNSO Council.


Whereas, a majority of GNSO Council members have refused to support the set
of proposed amendments as drafted, but many of those members support many of
the proposed amendments.


Whereas, the Council wishes to approve the non-contentious, proposed
amendments agreed between Staff and the Registrars Constituency as quickly
as possible so that the ICANN Board may review them, and if approved then
implement them as quickly as possible.




The GNSO Council will form a fast-track Working Group to convene and discuss
the proposed set of RAA Amendments, reporting back to Council within 30 days
with answers to the following questions:


1. Which of the proposed amendments have full consensus as drafted? 

2. Which of the proposed amendments would have full consensus if drafted
differently, and what specific revisions are required to gain full

3. Which of the proposed amendments do not have consensus? 

4. What other issues with the RAA are not addressed by the proposed set of




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