[council] FW: [gnso-rap-dt] Updated programme for GNSO Council and updated answers

Mike Rodenbaugh icann at rodenbaugh.com
Wed Feb 18 18:17:37 UTC 2009

Dear Council,


Fyi below and attached, including the Draft Programme for the Registration
Abuse Policy workshop to be held on Tuesday evening in Mexico City, the SSAC
request to the RAP Drafting Team, and answers to Chuck's questions regarding
the draft Charter for the RAP Working Group which we will vote on tomorrow.


It was agreed to send this to Council, after the Drafting Team call this
morning, although a couple members of the Drafting Team have not reviewed
the final versions of the programme or answers to Chuck's questions.


Please let me know any questions.





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Dear All,

As discussed please find attached the updated programme to be shared with
the GNSO Council (no names of speakers included, only affiliation) and below
the updated answers to the questions raised by Chuck. Mike agreed to send
these to the Council ASAP, together with the SSAC request (also attached) in
time for the Council meeting tomorrow with the caveat that not all members
of the drafting team have had an opportunity to review this latest version.

With best regards,


1.	Is the additional research supposed to be done before the WG
finishes its work? This will be for the WG to determine as it depends of the
scope and size of the research that needs to be undertaken. 
2.	Is the WG supposed to finish its work in 90 days after Mexico City
or simply report on progress then? If the WG is not finished by then, it is
the expectation that the WG would present its progress together with the
expected end date of its work. 
3.	Is the WG supposed to attempt to make a recommendation to the
Council on whether to initiate a PDP or not? More specifically, the WG is
expected to make a recommendation about which registration abuse policy
issues, if any, are appropriate for a PDP.


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