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The attached response to the Board request for input regarding the involvement of individual users in the GNSO appears to be very near completion.  Note that it was prepared by an ALAC WG with several participants from the GNSO.  Because there is just a few days until responses to the Board are due and because there is a GNSO Council meeting today, I am forwarding the document to the Council just in case it is possible to discuss it in the meeting today or at least initiate an online process for Council review in the next few days, thereby allowing the GNSO to meet the Board's deadline. 

Please note that I suggested the following minor edits:

- There is a typo in the next to last full paragraph on page 2: "Moreover, it is felt that the term "entity users" is the current Bylaws is overly restrictive . . ." I think the second 'is' should be 'in'.

- The second sentence in the 2nd WG recommendation on page 4 reads, "However, it is similarly important for the views of such participants have an opportunity to be expressed at the GNSO Council level, and that they effectively participate, in ways that to be defined by Stakeholder Groups, in the decisions of Council."  I suggest some minor edits (in CAPS) so that it reads like this: "However, it is similarly important THAT the views of such participants have an opportunity to be expressed at the GNSO Council level, and that they effectively participate, in ways that ARE to be defined by Stakeholder Groups, in the decisions of THE Council."

My understanding is that Alan will be preparing a final version at the end of the day today.

Because I will not be able to participate in the Council call today, let me say that I think the substance of the report is fine and I suggest that the Council endorse the recommendations included.


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Folks, here is the latest version. The changes are:

- Replacement of the rationale for not making specific recommendations on the NCSG - Avri's suggestion as modified by Milton with two further additions on my part:
     - Pointing out that what we are reporting is consistent with the WHEREAS of the Board resolution
     - Adding the parenthetical that the work being done by is not being done in a bubble but "with appropriate community input and consultation". I believe that this is factually accurate and includes an opportunity to say that groups in formation have been involved.  I can live without this parenthetical if people feel it is inappropriate, but I think that it adds something.

- Correcting the error that Milton pointed out where the term "user" was used instead of "individual user".

I would like to freeze the document at this point except for cases where one of the WG members feels they cannot live with a statement. I believe that there were no other strong issues raised (without opposition). If anyone comes in now with a new issue, I would suggest that it be added as a minority report due to lack of time to fully discuss.

Barring major problems, I will reformat as necessary late on (my) Thursday and submit to Avri and Cheryl for transmittal to the Board.

The people who I have as participants are are:

GNSO: James Bladel, Avri Doria, William Drake, Robin Gross, Zahid Jamil, Milton Mueller, Mary Wong
ALAC: Carlos Aguirre, Sébastien Bachollet, Beau Brendler, Alan Greenberg, Cheryl Landon-Orr, Adam Peake, Vanda Scartezini, Baudouin Schombe, Danny Younger, ICANN Staff: Ken Bour, Robert Hoggart, At-Large staff - PLEASE SPECIFY WHO TO INCLUDE


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