[council] Document Deadlines

Avri Doria avri at psg.com
Wed Jun 3 11:23:55 UTC 2009

On 3 Jun 2009, at 06:20, Glen de Saint Géry wrote:

> A reminder of the new requirement approved by the Board that all  
> documents for consideration by the Governmental Advisory Committee  
> shall be available 15 working days prior to the beginning of the  
> Sydney meeting on 21 June 2009, and all other documents shall be  
> available 10 working days prior to the beginning of the Sydney  
> meeting. This will apply to motions before Council.

Thank you Glen for passing on this message.

I too would like to see that we have motions ready 10 days before.     
And it may helpful that the BOARD is making rules about schedules, I  
certainly accept their right to make rules about such requirements for  
themselves and for the GAC.

However since we have always worked on a 7 day before bases, I will  
not exclude from consideration anything that makes the 7 day deadline  
though  of course other council may object to taking such a vote and  
then we will postpone as we have done in the past..  any council votes  
will only be voted on at the 24 June meeting, so as I understand the  

10 day would be 24 June
7 day would be 17 June

Of course the earlier a motion is posted the better, but with trying  
to coordinate out work with things that are being done elsewhere, e.g.  
by the board and its committees, and the fact that these this are  
often delayed, it does not make sense to withhold work from the face  
to face meeting.



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