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Dear Tony, Chuck,

All New gTLD sessions currently listed on the New gTLD page are open to the public and free.  The Sydney, NYC and London sessions are being designed to be consultation style. We will be giving a short updates about the New gTLD Program as well.
In theory, the same plan applies to Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, however, depending on the confirmed interest of the audiences, we will expand the agenda to cover more about IDNs.

We are still preparing a pre-registrations page for the upcoming sessions that will be available probably next week. We are also finalizing the agenda  details and introductory materials.

Let me know if you need any additional information related to the future New gTLD outreach plans.

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See the Upcoming Events section of the New gTLDs site: http://www.icann.org/en/topics/new-gtld-program.htm.


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Where can I find details of the London and New York
sessions, and assume they are open attendance?

Tony Harris
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Hi Adrian,

The last we (IRT) heard, those 2 sessions would not include participation by IRT members.

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I understand there are two sessions confirmed for new gTLD and IRT discussions in New York and London in the coming months. I also see that two sessions are tabled for Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong. Have these sessions been confirmed. Does anyone know if they have the same representation from IRT Members as the New York and London sessions? Perhaps Staff or Team members could respond?


Adrian Kinderis

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