[council] Per Diem payments for the Sydney Meeting

Glen de Saint Géry Glen at icann.org
Thu Jun 11 17:40:38 UTC 2009

To:  Community members requesting information on Per Diems

Cc: Those interested in ICANN's travel program (please forward if I missed anyone)

Individual notifications will go out to individual travelers, but I promised to many of you an update by today on Sydney per diems to many of you, and.....here it is....

Special thanks to all of the community travelers for working with our ICANN travel support team to ensure that your trip to the ICANN Sydney meeting is as productive as possible.   We believe that most rooms have been reserved and most air travel arrangements have been  completed as well.

Now, the key remaining action item is to process payments for meals, ground transportation and incidental expenses.  For most of our supported travelers this means, per diem payments.

We expect most per diem payments to be wire transferred or checks sent by close of business tomorrow in accordance with the specific requirements provided by the individual traveler, and calculated based upon the per diem guidelines (e.g., $95/ day x approved days for support).   Each traveler who receives a payment will also receive an email notification.

If you do not receive your payment after being notified by email (after a reasonable transit time of say, 5 business days), please contact us at ICANN travel, so that we can put a tracer for your payment.

For those travelers who either cannot receive wire transfers or who have not provided proper payment detail information by our deadlines, will be eligible to receive a cash payment at the ICANN Sydney meeting.  Details of the distribution times and procedures will be sent to those travelers individually.

For those travelers who have other payment arrangements (such as those who receive payments after the ICANN meeting) will be handled accordingly.

If you have any specific question about your travel situation, please continue to use our hotline:  Constituency-Travel at icann.org<mailto:Constituency-Travel at icann.org>.

Thank you

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