[council] Revised Bylaws

Margie Milam Margie.Milam at icann.org
Mon Jun 22 07:36:51 UTC 2009

Dear All,

Attached for your approval are the Revised Bylaws related to GNSO restructuring that incorporates the revisions we discussed on Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that in preparing this version, I have added certain Sections that did not change from the existing Bylaws.  These sections are highlighted with the notation [unchanged] and are found in Article X, Section 3(4) and Article X, Section 3(7).

I have also highlighted Article X Section 3(5) relating to Board Seats 13 and 14, and Article XX Section 5(4), relating to the transition seat allocation.  Both of these Sections are awaiting SIC approval.

Margie Milam
Senior Policy Counselor

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