[council] RE: Webinar calling for commnets on proposed redesign of GNSO.ICANN.ORG web site

Scott Pinzon scott.pinzon at icann.org
Thu Oct 8 19:54:35 UTC 2009

The Working Team that is trying to improve the GNSO site faces some less-than-desirable options: 1) Blindside the GNSO community one day with a completely changed site; 2) Preview the proposed changes in Seoul, where everyone has a packed schedule; or 3) Preview the proposed changes before Seoul. Option 3 seemed the lesser of the evils.

We are simply trying to keep you informed about our work, and to get guidance on what you would like. I have asked for the session to be recorded, so you might be able to view it at a more convenient time. Glen has also offered each GNSO Constituency individually the option of having us present to them for 30 minutes on Constituency Day in Seoul. Please consider participation in this webinar optional.

Changing a web site does not happen overnight - so if this feels like one too many webinars for you right now, there will be other opportunities for you to hear the reasoning behind the changes and suggest refinements.

Best Regards,

Scott Pinzon
Director, Policy Communications

On 10/7/09 3:58 PM, "Adrian Kinderis" <adrian at ausregistry.com.au> wrote:

With all due respect to Glen (whom I love to death!), is it really fair to be thrusting this Webinar upon us right now!

There seems to be an endless number of calls and webinars (not to mention all the documents to read) for Councillors.

If you want to solicit meaningful feedback wouldn't it make sense to structure the comments for a time when we can all put some decent thought into it.

I'd love to see us reduce the number of topics/ tasks being tackled. Reign this thing in NOW before it gets out of hand (too late???).


Adrian Kinderis

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Dear All,

Please take part in the Webinar organized  to call for Comments on the proposed redesign of GNSO.ICANN.ORG web site on Wednesday 14 October at 1300 UTC


As part of the GNSO Improvements Project, one of the tasks given the Operations Steering Committee's (OSC's) Communications Coordination Team (CCT) was to make the GNSO web site "more usable." The CCT has expedited progress on this task and, after extensive research with GNSO users and the ICANN community, has developed a proposed re-design of gnso.icann.org.

The CCT's research indicates that the three most common user tasks on the GNSO site are: trying to find a document; managing activities via the Master Calendar; and seeking to learn the latest regarding a policy issue. The CCT proposed redesign to GNSO.ICANN.ORG simplifies those three tasks, and also makes the site friendlier to newcomers.

Scott Pinzon and Ken Bour, ICANN Staff supporting the CCT, are presenting an overview and some wireframe diagrams of the proposed redesign. The goal is to gain your input, advice, and suggestions on further refinements. The overview will describe:

.What it means to move from a static website to a dynamic website
.The reasoning behind the proposed changes
.Whose input influenced the proposed changes
.Proposed new features, such as the Acronym Helper
.How non-English content could be handled
.Where to send comments and suggestions
The webinar will be held on Wednesday 14 October at 1300 UTC using Adobe Connect and the dial-in bridge. All are welcome to participate, but members of the GNSO are especially encouraged to participate.

To make sure that there are enough lines, please RSVP to Gisella Gruber-White: Email: gisella.gruber-white at icann.org.

Dial-in details and the Adobe Connect room details will then be forwarded to you.

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat
gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org

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