[council] Invitation to attend Registry/Registrar Separation Models conference call on 19 October, 2009 at 14:00 UTC.

Denise Michel denise.michel at icann.org
Fri Oct 9 04:20:39 UTC 2009

*Title:    **Interactive Session on Registry/Registrar Separation Models*

*When:  *Monday, 19 October, 2009*

* Time:   *14:00 to 17:00 UTC

Dear ICANN Community Member:

You are cordially invited to participate in a public, interactive,
conference call discussion on registry/registrar separation models. This
session has been scheduled to provide ample opportunity for community input
on registry-registrar separation requirements in new gTLDs, and to respond
to several
requests for more public sessions on this topic.  If you are unable to
attend this session, there will be another opportunity to discuss this topic
at the "Registry/Registrar Separation
forum on Monday, 26 October, 15:00 - 16:30, at the ICANN Seoul meeting.
Recordings and presentations from both of these events will be publicly
posted. Alternatively, you may choose to  send your comments on this issue
to the *version 3* Draft Applicant Guidebook public
which is open through 22 November 2009.

*Session Details:*

As space is limited, this is an invitation-only event. If you would like to
attend, please RSVP via email to <rrseparationwebinar at icann.org> prior to
COB on *October 14, 2009* to secure your place. An email reminder will be
sent to registered individuals before the event with all log-in and dial-in
details.   *Please DO NOT reply to this email or RSVP to ICANN Staff

*IMPORTANT – call for additional presenters*!

If you or a community representative wish to present at this session, please
email *Carole Cornell* <carole.cornell at icann.org> and Kurt Pritz <
kurt.pritz at icann.org>no later than 13 October 2009. Please include in this
email a paragraph describing your proposed presentation, your (short)
biography and, if possible, a photo. Each prospective presenter will be
notified by 14 October whether their presentation can be accommodated, and
presenters also will receive details on speaking time and other
requirements. All presentations must be submitted to
carole.cornell at icann.org by 16 October 2009.

Since the conference call time is limited, presentation slots will be given
to the Registrar and Registry Constituencies, and remaining slots will be
offered first to representatives for the At-Large Advisory Committee, the
Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group, and the Commercial Stakeholder
Group.After presenters are set, a detailed agenda and information on
speakers will
be distributed.

The session is scheduled for three hours and will be conducted in English
only.  During the conference call, slides will be presented via Adobe
Connect, a dial-in conference bridge will be provided for audio, and
questions may be submitted using the Q&A function of Adobe Connect. All
questions and answers received, as well as the audio recording of the
session and materials used during the presentation, will be posted on
ICANN’s website.

*Session Description*:

The initial agenda is included below.  This session will focus on models for
proposed structural/organizational separation requirements. Multiple models
will be presented and discussed, and opportunities for Q&A will be
*Interactive Session on Registry-Registrar Separation.*

*Initial Agenda

Moderator: Joe Sims

Presenters: Steve Salop and others to be determined. ICANN is soliciting
presentations that will be made according to the agenda and rules below. If
there are more offers of presentations than there is time permitted than
representatives from the registrar constituency, registry constituency and
the community at-large will be given a preference.

Agenda and conduct of the session will follow these lines:

Dr. Steve Salop will make an introduction: briefly describing the subject
matter and describing the results of recent consultations with certain
registries and registrars.

Joe Sims will describe the rules for participating in the session.

A presenter will describe a model for proposed structural/organization
separation requirement. Each presentation should include slides and last
about 20 minutes. The model should: (1) define and address organizational
separation requirements (co-ownership or affiliation); (2) structural
separation requirements; (3) if the model proposes that co-ownership be
permitted, describe what limits or restrictions should be placed on the
affiliated parties; (4) also describe the benefits or harms avoided to
registrants through the proposed model.

After each presentation, the presenter will answer questions. The moderator
or Steve Salop may ask clarifying questions. Session attendees can ask
questions through the interactive format by typing in questions. All
questions are actually posed by the moderator who will read the questions
typed in by the participants and, depending on volume, select from them.
Selection will be based on asking at least a representative sample of all
This will be followed by another presentation. It is anticipated that there
will be 4-5 presentations.

*Initial Speaker Information:

Joe Sims – Moderator is a Senior Antitrust Partner, Jones Day.

Steve Salop – Professor of Law and Economics, Georgetown University Law
Center; former Associate Director for Special Projects and Industry
Analysis, Bureau of Economics, US Federal Trade Commission; former Economist
at Civil Aeronautics Board/Federal Reserve Board; prolific author and


We are looking forward to your participation.


Denise Michel, Vice President, Policy
Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President, Services
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